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Twitter is a terrible place to prospect for business if you’re in professional or financial services. But twitter is a great place for three things that can help you prospect for business in any field. Let’s face it. Our personal and professional lives are mixed…

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An article I wrote for One To One Travel on the importance of quality when creating and presenting social media content. Of course it makes sense if you think about it, but a lot of focus and buzz is on the opposite: those amazing photos…

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Social Media promotions are a great way to get attention for a brand and for new or existing products. A good promotion can generate a huge spike in awareness and social media adoption. But it’s not always a straight and narrow road to success. A…

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Ad Age released a nice infographic this week that features some global demographics data of social media sites. What I find interesting, other than the cool concentric ring pie charts, is that Twitter doesn’t even show up on them. The reality is, that while Twitter is in…

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Rich media, social media and consumer generated content are big areas of opportunity for travel and destination marketers. Instinctively and anecdotally, we know that videos, photos and first hand stories and reviews are the best way to sell an experience. That’s because travel is about…

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An article I wrote for One To One Travel on best practices for travel apps and mobile sites. A few weeks back we posted a functionality comparison of the top travel mobile apps, then shortly after that a content review of ski resort mobile sites….

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An Article I wrote for One To One Travel on how mobile social games lile Epic Mix are changing the way skiers and snowboarders interact on and with the mountain. Vail Resorts, EpicMix and the social networkification of skiing This week, Vail Resorts announced their…

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Below is an article I wrote for One To One Travel outlining many tools available for creating and distributing content with social media. -Mike Social Media Content Creation Tools At the core of any social media strategy, it’s the chewy center of content creation that…

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For the new brand development for Dr. Eric Escobar’s new dentistry practice, we developed the brand copy that embodies how Eric sees himself in the community and what makes him stand out from other dentists.

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Our latest identity design work completed for new client Bon Vin Online.

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