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Reno Smarter Regions Video

In April I was asked to shoot a video that was managed by DRI, directed by Washoe County School District, with participation from Nevada System of Higher Education (DRI, UNR and TMCC), and paid for by the City of Reno. Sounds like a nightmare right?…

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Reno Wired 2014: Re-Branding Ridge House

I’m thankful to have been asked to participate in Reno Wired again this year. Last year’s experience was awesome. So great to come together with a group of professionals passionate about what they do and working hard for a worthy cause. Reno Wired is a…

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Sick Edit

I’m not too into pro sports. Even the ones I participate in. Until recently, if you’d asked me who my favorite skier was, I’d have said ME! I just don’t get much enjoyment from watching other dudes live the dream while I’m stuck at a…

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