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“Leilani has the infectious nature of those rare individuals with inner creative passion. If part of our development process as professionals and human beings is to become more empathic, attuned to our clients’ and needs, problems and goals, then she was blessed with intuition bordering on psychic powers. I’ve not come across someone with such natural and learned ability to make relationships as I witnessed first hand with Leilani.

Having worked with Leilani in all aspects of Agency work from PR to Design to Digital to Events, she embodies one of the utmost keys to success. The ability to look for what is missing. Many know how to improve what already exists; few can see what isn’t.

If you’re looking for people with power, the kind that permeates through your organization with positivity and cultural change, look no further.”

David LaPlante | CEO, Twelve Horses

“If you’re lucky you’ll have a chance to get to know Leilani either personally or professionally. Happily I have had the opportunity to count her as an awesome team member which has evolved to a near-and-dear friend.

If you’re a leader and are looking to surround yourself with someone who inspires you, Leilani is that person. Business and life throws a lot of lemons you way and Leilani is a Chief Lemonade Officer – always willing and capable to make things better, look on the bright side and not get mired in unproductive meandering.

Artistic, creative and gregarious, Leilani is brilliant with emotional and social intelligence. This is reflected in the things she creates, the value she adds to teams and in the reflection (or brand) of whatever she is involved with.” June 10, 2011

Robert Payne | Director of Marketing at SAXOTECH A/S

“In any competition, the purpose it to push your team forward with the end result constituting a win. Leilani skillfully and tactfully reins in all the moving parts and people to pull off well executed projects time and time again. We worked a number of events together, and whether it was the initial concepting, design and production of collateral, event logistics, or the myriad of other items that leap out at you in the last minute, she always performed nothing short of a major miracle. In Leilani’s work with not-for-profits and the healthcare industry, she has introduced new and effective means of using web technology to connect and educate people to improve their lives. She has an intuitive sense about public relations and people, and a passion for creativity as a medium for bringing about positive change and real results.”

Joe Hansen | President, Hansen Creative

“In the creative field, your company’s best assets walk in and out the door every workday. Leilani Schweitzer has always been someone I’ve trusted to hit home runs for my company, and she’s never disappointed. I’ve had the privilege of working with Leilani over several years and a multitude of marketing assignments. Each time, she brings creativity, business savvy, new insight to our projects. She takes success very seriously, but still manages to inject fun into everything she’s a part of. It today’s high-pressure workplace, she’s a Godsend.” March 7, 2010