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“I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Mike Henderson for just over 2 years during his tenure at One to One. Mike is a strong subject matter expert in Social Media, a cultural touchstone for the team, and a subject matter expert who demonstrates an understanding of both the art and science of the evolving social media spectrum. During his time at One to One he serviced a number of different clients and was responsible for developing some of our most notable and successful strategies in the Travel and Leisure practice. Mike would be a great addition to any company and he carries my strong personal endorsement as he moves on to new challenges.” May 9, 2011

Susan Bratton, CEO and co-founder, Personal Life Media, Inc.

“Mike Henderson is a rare and beautiful combination of creativity, business savvy and customer-focused attentiveness. You can stick him into any situation and with his marketing intelligence and drama-free calm demeanor, he’ll make it work, make it fun and get it done. If you have the opportunity for Mike to wield his big brain on your behalf, do it.” May 4, 2011

Frank Martin | Director Of Enterprise Sales – North America, One to One Interactive

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mike Henderson on several client related projects at One to One, most notably our digital winter event Snowcial ( Mike has been the driving force behind this event and his execution, coordination, and promotion initiatives have been second to none. I would recommend Mike without question as I feel he makes relevant and insightful contributions to whatever he is working on.” May 5, 2011 recommendations

Rob Sandie, President, Viddler, Inc

“Mike Henderson has done a tremendous job putting together the best tech conference on the West Coast, Snowcial. MC. Hammer.. OK Go.. Dave Morin… he brought in all the big shots. Without Mikes professionalism and hard work, this conference wouldn’t be what it is today.

A modern day renaissance social media wiz. Authentic, professional and a joy to be around.” May 4, 2011

Jenn Gleckman | Strategic Marketing Group

“Mike Henderson clearly understands the role that social media and video play in brand-building. He developed a very targeted social media and video strategy for Ski Lake Tahoe that helped serve as a blueprint for its social media program (and generated great results). He is also a skilled videographer, photographer and editor, which means that he’s equally comfortable creating content for the strategies he writes.” May 4, 2011

Martin Gastanaga, SVP, Client Engagements, One to One Interactive

“Mike Henderson is an individual that has brought great value to me as one of my employees. Mike is an extremely creative individual that has brought value to me and the company. His understanding of the social landscape of the digital world is extensive and insightful.” May 4, 2011

Julie Ardito, APR | Director of Public Relations, EDAWN

“The economic development organization I work for partnered with Mike Henderson and his company, Twelve Horses, on Reno-Tahoe’s first-ever social marketing campaign and event to recruit skilled workers to our region. Mike helped push our organization into the new world of social marketing/media. He had highly creative ideas to promote our region through YouTube videos, shot by everyday folks who live and work here and created a landing page for our recruitment event in San Francisco that epitomized our region’s “hybrid lifestyle.” His creativity and strategic thinking ensured we had more than 100 super skilled professionals from the Bay Area at our event. His thinking and execution was right on!” July 18, 2008

Rob Gaedtke, Account Director, One to One Interactive

“There are just some people that you look forward to working with… People you find reasons to talk to and stretch job descriptions because you know they can make it happen… Mike Henderson is one of those people. He is smart, creative and a constantly trying new things, but above all he is a blast to work with. He has a knack for ignoring the status quo, going around politics and really finding creative ways to get the job done. Call him a social media strategist, a photographer, a video editor, a copywriter, an event planner, it really doesn’t matter his title you can always expect something different and his personality is the icing on the cake.” November 20, 2010