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I recently bought a new camera and am really happy with it’s performance so far. Over the last year my video production business in Reno has taken off, and I’m working on a lot of cool projects where speed, mobility and high quality are really…

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A while ago in passing Kevin Jones asked me to take part in something he was going to be doing in a couple months. Something about re-branding some nonprofit in 24 hours or something. I was on my way out to the gym so I…

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My career in web began with a blog. I won’t tell you which blog, that’s not important. But blogging is writing and writing is what I have always done. 2 years ago I started a blog of things that I could show my young son…

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I’ve found that a lot of the best creative agencies tend to have ideas that are too good to sell to someone else. For me, one such idea was hatched in a random conversation with another Reno entrepreneur at Reno Collective one spring afternoon last…

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We developed both the brand and the custom web site for Glover Dentistry, a Reno dentist office.  

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We developed the design and site for Project Baseline, a global organization dedicated to monitoring environmental quality in underwater environments. This Drupal site was designed by Reno based web designer Brian Raszka. Brian is a frequent partner with Arborglyph on web design projects as well…

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One of the coolest things about Star Trek TNG (The Next Generation) was the holodeck. An amazing 6 sided chamber on the Star Ship Enterprise that could recreate any environment you could program into it. It could also create beings capable of love and of…

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Over the last year I’ve been working with Bishop Manogue High School, the local Catholic High School here in Reno, on creating some video pieces that help promote the school to prospective students and their parents. The first video is a piece meant to welcome…

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My friends Jenn and Carl at Strategic Marketing Group asked me to speak again at their TOURISM, TECHNOLOGY + MARKETING WORKSHOP in South Lake Tahoe. Of course, I was down. In years past I had focused on social media marketing, video and how to use…

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I’ve been lucky enough to have been asked to do some video work for The DuPuis Group, a Chicago based design and innovation agency. Event Essence Video Back in April I went out to Chicago to capture video at the FUSE Conference and a private party…

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