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Marketing and Measuring a Social Brand Strategy Rob and I gave a presentation at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) in Las Vegas last week. The presentation is based on our experience with marketing and branding work for ski resorts, particularly Alpine…

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We’d like to hook up with you at the IAAPA conference in Las Vegas. Rob and I will be presenting on 2:00 Monday the 16th, so we’re going to relax afterwords at the bar in the Renaissance Hotel at 6:00. We’d love it if it…

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You’re on your way up to Tahoe to do some skiing. The roads are clear and you’re rolling, fully stoked for all the new snow. You know the weather should hold, but you’ve just GOT to double check. You whip out the iPhone, dial up…

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Tomorrow Jennifer Buch and I will be meeting up with our VP of Sales and Marketing, David LaPlante in Washington DC for DMAI’s Destination Showcase. David will be giving a presentation on the effective use of web technology and social media for destination marketing and…

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