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In conjunction with Heavenly Mountain Resort and Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, we are stoked to announce a few new developments on the Snowcial snow sports and social media conference coming up in January. Snowcial Conference Entertainment Last year we had the great MC Hammer as Snowcial…

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Last week, David and I presented @ Strategic Marketing Group’s annual workshop on Tourism, Technology and Marketing. David delivered the keynote summing up the current state of online social marketing and technology and the new mandate that brands reflect the personal connections with the customers,…

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We’re looking forward to the Tahoe Snowcial Conference next weekend. If you’re looking to bug out of CES early, do a little skiing and meet some cool people, check it out: There were a few changes to the Snowcial conference lineup at the last minute….

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We’d like to hook up with you at the IAAPA conference in Las Vegas. Rob and I will be presenting on 2:00 Monday the 16th, so we’re going to relax afterwords at the bar in the Renaissance Hotel at 6:00. We’d love it if it…

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