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With the primary election approaching, and the general election campaign season approaching, candidates for local and state elections are struggling to get their message out to voters in a meaningful way using campaign video. Sure, they are doing commercials, and even showing their commercials in…

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It happens all the time. Some brand will announce on their Facebook page how many ‘Likes’ they have. Whether it’s part of an acquisition campaign, or part of contest that’s part of an aquisition campaign, this is a bad idea for one simple reason: nothing makes a…

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When we talk about marketing travel experiences it’s nice to have a little data to back things up. Luckily, I have a friend who runs an online video analytics company. I met Eugene Lee at the Snowcial conference in South Lake Tahoe a few years…

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Travel marketing is really experience marketing. Experience has much more long term value than objects, but the value of experience is only realized, or obvious after the fact when it can be relived through memory. Web video is the best way to get people to…

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I’ve spoken here and there on social media strategy and community management techniques over the years, most recently with the Reno Sparks Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Reno-Sparks program. I try to approach Social Media a little differently. It’s my strong belief that you can’t teach people to…

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I was invited by Kelly Glenn to speak about social media to the Reno Sparks Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Reno-Sparks program class last month. Presenting general social media concepts is a challenge because you never know how far along people are with adoption so you…

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One of the first things we bring up when we talk about social media is the importance of not forgetting the social part. Social channels are places for community interaction, conversation and socializing first and spaces for businesses to have a brand presence second.  …

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Ok, so here’s the situation: I was hungry and if Twitter is good for nothing else it’s good for letting the world know about your food consumption needs. Now, I didn’t get to see Tony Hsieh when he spoke at the Reno PRSA back in…

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Arborglyph will be participating in Reno Social Media Day this year. Social Media Day is a concept cooked up by Mashable as, “A day to celebrate the revolution of media becoming social.” Networking events are always a good idea, but particularly when it comes to…

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“The precision required is mind blowing, this is a video you have to see. Thanks Frank Nicotero” –Chad Youngblood via Frank Nicotero I don’t know Frank Nicotero, but I went to elementary school with Chad Youngblood. Chad posted the above on Facebook and I spotted it…

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