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I’m an avid mountain biker here in Reno, and try to do my part to help with the building and maintenance of bike trails. Since most trails are on public land, it falls to the local trail stewardship group, Biggest Little Trail Stewardship, to maintain…

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With the primary election approaching, and the general election campaign season approaching, candidates for local and state elections are struggling to get their message out to voters in a meaningful way using campaign video. Sure, they are doing commercials, and even showing their commercials in…

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Ignite Reno is one of my favorite social events in Reno. In fact, it’s one of the few I make the effort to get out to. OK it’s the only one… It is a really fun  event to see as well as participate in. I’ve even…

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I’ve been working with Apple Motion and Adobe After Effects for years to create and edit simple motion typography and graphics, but recently I decided to step it up a bit and get into the animated typography that I have always loved, as well as animating…

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I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t get it at first either. And what you’ve read or heard about Reno Collective has probably missed the mark to some degree as well. It’s not an accelerator, but businesses start here. It’s not a contractor,…

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My former co-worker/partner, associate and great friend, Leilani is also an artist. She makes art out of old paint chips. She cuts them into squares, arranges them in a beautiful morphing pattern, links them with filament and turns them into great panels of kinetic sculpture…

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This spring I’ll be working on a new personal video project. Gizzard Stone Overland is a project under my blog, The Gizzard Stone. The blog is a directory of cool things to show your kid. It’s a learning and discovery site and last summer we…

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In April I was asked to shoot a video that was managed by DRI, directed by Washoe County School District, with participation from Nevada System of Higher Education (DRI, UNR and TMCC), and paid for by the City of Reno. Sounds like a nightmare right?…

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I’m thankful to have been asked to participate in Reno Wired again this year. Last year’s experience was awesome. So great to come together with a group of professionals passionate about what they do and working hard for a worthy cause. Reno Wired is a…

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I’m not too into pro sports. Even the ones I participate in. Until recently, if you’d asked me who my favorite skier was, I’d have said ME! I just don’t get much enjoyment from watching other dudes live the dream while I’m stuck at a…

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