Desert Research Institute Annual Report video 2014

I’ve been doing some video production and editing work for the Desert Research Institute here in Reno for the last few years. The first project I worked on with them focused on their computation, visualization and analytics facility on the DRI campus in Reno.

Last month I delivered their annual report video which they traditionally present at the Nevada Medal Dinner in Reno and Las Vegas. The process was a rush, with less than 45 days to complete shooting and editing. That included shoot days in Las Vegas, Tahoe and Reno. But thanks to the management and oversight from Justin Broglio and Catherine Schell, PIOs at Reno and Las Vegas Campuses, respectively, everything went like clock work. Honestly, if Justin and Catherine hadn’t been so good with getting me the assets I needed, the people I needed and then running the interviews so well, it would have been impossible to get it done.

Then I scored seats at the DuPuis Group table at the Reno edition of the Nevada Medal Dinner, so I was able to be there when they showed the video to a crowd of several hundred including Governor Sandoval. Pretty cool.

Footage Notes and Credits

The LV Sunrise time lapse and the desert time lapse were obtained from a video stock agency since time was so limited. But I shot the Tahoe time lapse and Reno time lapse scenes myself

Some of the footage was shot in Previous years, including

  • B-Roll and Interviews I shot last year
  • B-Roll that was shot by Noble Studios the year before
  • The intro animation was provided to me by DRI.