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Where to buy Neurontin, Buy Gabapentin 100mg uk

I’m an avid mountain biker here in Reno, and try to do my part to help with the building and maintenance of bike trails. Since most trails are on public land, it falls to the local trail stewardship group, Biggest Little Trail Stewardship, to maintain and build trails. For the most part. I was excited to learn that my friend Kevin Joell, owner of a local trail building contractor Sierra Trail Works, was contracted with Washoe County to design and build a new trail system at North Valleys Regional Park.

Video Equipment

For this video I used my Canon xf 400 and Sony a7sii for the interviews. These cameras do really well in high dynamic range situations like this. I spend a bit of time setting these cameras up so that they color match really easily.

The aerials were shot on my DJI Phantom 3Pro in 4k.

The riding shots were shot on my GoPro Hero 5 Black on the GoPro Karma Grip 3 axis gimbal.

The lighting for this shoot was challenging as the sun was setting through a thick glob of smoke.

About North Valleys Trail

Washoe County Parks has expanded the North Valleys Regional Park complex and added 3 miles of progressive stacked-Loop mountain bike trails in the sage covered rocky hill south of the park.

The trail system has many loops and variations that net a lot more than just 3 miles of options for beginner to advanced riders, hikers, runners and equestrians.

The trail was designed and built by Kevin Joell of Sierra Trail Works, a trail building contractor based in Reno, NV.

The trail was supervised by Cheryl Surface, Natural Resource Planner [retires] for Washoe County and Dennis Troy, Park Planner with Washoe County Regional Parks.

Directions to North Valleys Trail:

15 Silver Lake Rd, Washoe County, NV, USA

Lat: 39.62501
Lon: -119.86096
  • Travel north from Reno on I580 to the Lemon Valley exit. and turn left (east).
  • Take the left on Sky Vista.
  • Take Sky Vista to Silver Lake and turn right.
  • Take Silver Lake to the trailhead parking at the end of the road.
  • The trail starts off the edge of the grass field across the dirt road.


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