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With the primary election approaching, and the general election campaign season approaching, candidates for local and state elections are struggling to get their message out to voters in a meaningful way using campaign video. Sure, they are doing commercials, and even showing their commercials in new and novel ways and venues. But what about the vast amount of information you need to make a decision on who you should vote for that doesn’t fit into a 15 or 3o second commercial?

Well, of course my answer is video! And Washoe County Sheriff Candidate, Sherman Boxx thought that was a good idea too.

First, a Campaign  TV Commercial

OK, let’s back up. First I was asked by my friend buy Gabapentin cod at buy Gabapentin online us, to shoot a TV spot for buy gabapentin online uk. Paige wrote a script and we shot on two locations including a home in sparks as well as the amazingly scenic Geiger Memorial on SR 431 in south Reno. We then recorded the voiceover for the spot in the sound recording booth here at Reno Collective. The TV spot also features aerial video as well as graphic animations.

buy Neurontin canada from can i buy Gabapentin in spain on buy Gabapentin online canada.

Second, Campaign Video: Candidate Position Statements

So candidate commercials are really just a tip of the hat and quick hello from the candidate, and those ubiquitous yard signs are barely a wink. So I suggested that the Boxx campaign shoot another set of campaign video that would let Mr. Boxx talk in more depth on the key issues that the next Washoe County Sheriff will face, and why he believes he’s the right man to face them.

Not too much depth, but enough for the voters of Washoe County to hear him speak, in his own voice. Paige and I orchestrated it so that is was his genuine conversational voice, one that the voters could connect with and trust.

Here’s a sample:

buy gabapentin online usabuy Gabapentin 300 mgbuy Gabapentin illegally from can i buy Gabapentin in spain on buy Gabapentin online canada.

In all, we produced 5 campaign videos that are all the same visual format ranging in duration from 1 to 2 minutes. Mr. Box was able to discuss a single issue in each campaign video to a far greater depth than he could in a commercial, or even a TV or radio sound bite. And he was able to speak in his own, normal voice as if he was having a conversation with a voter across their own dinner table.

Why This Works

So my case for doing campaign video like this is, I think, fairly obvious. Social media and social video is how people get most of their information. Having this content live on a candidate’s YouTube Channel and Facebook Page is huge when it comes to discoverability and availability of content.

The marketing team for a local or state political candidate can post these to social media and then promote them to the audience on Facebook, YouTube and even Instagram to get the messages out to the people who need it to make an intelligent voting decision.

Then the constituents can discuss the issue in more specific depth right there on the social platform and the candidate can use all the social media tools to join the conversation and refine and reiterate their positions. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Are you a candidate running for elected office in Northern Nevada looking for political video production?

buy gabapentin online

Check out al 5 of Sherman Boxx’s how to buy gabapentin online


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