Aerial Video Views From Above

Breathtaking Aerials for Stunning Stories.

Argorglyph is an licensed and insured sUAS videography service in Reno NV. Mike Henderson holds a remote pilot rating from the FAA and has passed the Unmanned Aircraft – General knowledge test. Arborglyph is now able to incorporate amazing aerial videography into out high quality video production in Reno, Lake Tahoe and across the country.

Reno Aerial Video Services

As a Remote Pilot licensed under FAA Part 107 I can provide the following services.



Aerial video from a drone, or an unmanned aerial vehicle can really make the difference in the visual impact of a video, however, it is often overused or set out to stand on it’s own without the support of powerful storytelling, dynamic graphic design and thoughtful editing. We believe in the whole package and aerial video is just one tool in the box for us.