Video Brand Stories Your Unique Ethos


A logo, a tagline, they only tell part of the story of your brand.

A video brand story is what you tell a new friend over beers about how you got where you are; the things that don’t make it onto your CV, or into your LinkedIn profile; the things that make make you passionate about what you do make up your brand story.

Ridge House

California Wine Club

Working with the California Wine Club, created a three part video brand story series to tell the story of the club that ships out new wine from small family wineries all over California. Read more about our process on a project like this.

The DuPuis Group

We have worked closely with the DuPuiuis Group to create video brand stories that tell highlight their brand as a tool for them to communicate their unique place in the design landscape. Working with both their Ventura and Chicago teams, we have gained a deep understanding of their place in the world and helped effectively communicate that in video.

Sierra Integrative Medical Center

We worked with Reno marketing and advertising agency KPS3 to develop concepts, shoot and edit these video brand stories for a local integrative medical center. Three short videos were produced to be featured on the medical center’s website and social media profiles. Read more about this video project.