Sick Edit

I’m not too into pro sports. Even the ones I participate in. Until recently, if you’d asked me who my favorite skier was, I’d have said ME! I just don’t get much enjoyment from watching other dudes live the dream while I’m stuck at a desk.

That changed this year. Not a great snow year, I got fresh tracks only a couple of times, didn’t get any backcountry days at all and only skied fast a hand full of times. But Bowie and I got 15 or so days on the slopes together. With mom a couple times even. Shredding Ponderosa and Galena chairs at Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe and exploring the trails of Wild Horse, cruising the little boy half pipe and racing for M&Ms at kid fest. Even taking our first trip to the top of the mountain, and cruising down Around the World.

I used to be into ski resort marketing and social media. One thing that always bugged me was how hard everyone works to make skiing seem awesome. It’s gilding the lily if you ask me. Skiing IS awesome. And Sick Edits aren’t always about powder and sick kickers and going big and throwing down. In fact, for most of us that isn’t even something worth paying much attention to. Just kinda cool to see while lapping the bunny run.

The reality is that for the individual, their own experience is what makes it epic. When Mt. Rose put up some gates with streamers and gave out M&Ms it made the season for my son. Sun, streamers, M&Ms, peanut butter sandwiches, little boy half pipes and iPhone videos. Those are the things that make a great ski season.

Not a lot of snow, but it was great. No complaints from us.

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