Back in December I got to work with my pals at KPS3 to create three Promo videos for a local medical center. Rob Gaedtke and Kevin Jones were the creative leads on the project and Carrie Bushá did a great job managing the project, directing the interviews and writing the scripts for the three videos.

Super fun working with that team. Very creative, professional, good a what they do and fun to work with.

Promo Videos and Feature Videos

We did one general promo video that tells the stories of two patients who were helped by SIMS’s unique approach to medicine (above). We also did a short feature on the doctors who drive the practice of Sierra Integrative Medical Center.

Sierra Integrated Medical Center Promo: Dr. Devlin from Arborglyph on Vimeo.

Sierra Integrative Medical Center: Dr. Fong from Arborglyph on Vimeo.