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An Article I wrote for One To One Travel on how mobile social games lile Epic Mix are changing the way skiers and snowboarders interact on and with the mountain.

buy Gabapentin 100mg uk

Vail Resorts, EpicMix and the social networkification of skiing

This week, Vail Resorts announced their new location based social networking app that turns any person with an Epic Pass into a trackable entity thanks to RFID chips and scanners placed around the mountain thus creating the first ever social network fully integrated into the infrastructure of skiing.

For the last few years, ski resort marketers have been experimenting with ways to engage customers both in the real and digital environments with varying success. We’ve been using Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Gowalla to get users to engage with the location and engage with others about the location. But there was always something missing… something that EpicMix nailed. order Gabapentin overnight

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