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One of the coolest things about Star Trek TNG (The Next Generation) was the holodeck. An amazing 6 sided chamber on the Star Ship Enterprise that could recreate any environment you could program into it. It could also create beings capable of love and of…

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I’ve been lucky enough to have been asked to do some video work for The DuPuis Group, a Chicago based design and innovation agency. Event Essence Video Back in April I went out to Chicago to capture video at the FUSE Conference and a private party…

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If you set up a camera, people will walk in front of it. If you set up a camera on a 36 inch slider that advances itself on a motor at a snails pace, people will stand in front of it and ask you what…

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I’ve been cranking this month on a few video projects for some local clients. Here are some samples: Give Back Like Jack Give Back Like Jack is a campaign to inspire people in the Northern Nevada Community to follow the example set by Jack Reviglio,…

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I was invited by Kelly Glenn to speak about social media to the Reno Sparks Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Reno-Sparks program class last month. Presenting general social media concepts is a challenge because you never know how far along people are with adoption so you…

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Giving a howdy nod to old cowboy brands and a modern look to the Escobar identity. YeeHa, pardner.

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Earlier this week we launched an event calendar site for Mammoth Lakes Tourism. The site catalogs all the major events of the summer happening in and around Mammoth Lakes California. Features of note: Landing Page: The simplified landing page is only seen once and gives…

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