Wedding Reception Video

buy indinavir brand I was recently hired by a friend of a friend to shoot a video of a wedding reception at a beautiful Reno home on a perfect summer evening. Kate and Harry were married a few weeks earlier at a small private ceremony, but they (Kate specifically) wanted a video to accompany the photos and memories of the evening with their friends and family. I’ve done similar memory videos before and Kate had seen the one I did for my friend Leilani’s art project Vera Chroma.

The wedding reception was at the Reno home of Kate’s parents just below the Steamboat Ditch. The wedding photographer, Monique Sady, had the idea to shoot portraits on the ditch trail at sunset so I tagged along. It was a good idea and made for some great video.

This was all shot on my Sony Alpha a99 with the razor sharp  24 – 70 2.8 lens. I used 1080 60p mode to get the full HD half-speed footage that really makes the memories pop. The in-camera image stabilization combined with the mass of a tripod let me do the steady cam shots without a steady cam.

All in all this was a really fun project! The beer and donuts weren’t bad either!

Congratulations to Kate and Harry!


Music in this video is “Do You Realize” by The Flaming Lips.